We help building solid startups and help them sailing the open sea

Escube empowers Far-out Founders to Create and Grow Booming Businesses

Cosa facciamo

Escube è un'azienda specializzata nella creazione di Startup tecnologiche.

Lavoriamo con gli imprenditori per massimizzare le loro possibilità di successo attraverso lo sviluppo e la progettazione delle loro soluzioni.

Supportiamo le aziende nelle loro iniziative di open innovation, integrando lo spirito Startup nella loro cultura aziendale e accelerando i loro progetti di imprenditorialità interna. Come imprenditori noi stessi comprendiamo in prima persona le esigenze e le sfide della costruzione di una Startup, nonché l'importanza del talento come risorsa chiave.

Escube is a company specializing in creating technology startups.

We work with entrepreneurs to maximize their chances of success by developing and designing their solutions.

We support companies in their open innovation initiatives, integrating the Startup spirit into their corporate culture and accelerating their entrepreneurial projects. As entrepreneurs, we understand firsthand the needs and challenges of building a Startup and the importance of talent as a key resource.

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Let's build an ingenious idea together!


At Escube we welcome the brightest and boldest ideas.


For us, collaboration is key. We create meaningful connections between startups, investors, industry experts and strategic partners.


Innovation is our lifeblood.

We are a technology shop

The Primordial Foundational Particle

of Escube is: the IDEA



We are a technology shop

The Primordial Foundational

Particle of Escube is:

the IDEA

If you are

an aspiring startup founder, an entrepreneur who strives to launch their next innovative venture, a game-changing investor, or a corporate manager who looks for ways of improving their innovation effort,

reach out to Escube, and we will empower your projects!

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